Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mandy's Reading List - 2008

First off, I am impressed you can remember how many books you read in the last year! I have been trying to remember and I am having a hard time. Here are the ones I do recall.
1. Faith of Our Fathers: A House Divided - Allen, Nancy
2. Faith of Our Fathers: To Make Men Free -Allen, Nancy
3. Faith of Our Fathers: Through the Perilous Fight -Allen, Nancy
4. Faith of Our Fathers: One Nation Under God -Allen, Nancy.
I enjoyed this series. It takes place during the Civil War and I have always liked that time period. I did like the Children of the Promise series better though.

5. Twilight - I liked this book
6. New Moon - Thought this one was kind of boring
7. Eclipse - This one was okay
8. Breaking Dawn - absolutely hated this book - ruined the whole series for me
9. A Christmas Carol - Dickens, Charles - I love reading this book every Christmas
10. I Heard that Song Before - Mary Higgins Clark - Good mystery, I usually enjoy her novels
11.Santa Cruise - Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark - very dull, didn't even bother to finsish the last 20 pages

12. One for the Money - Evanovich, Janet - Not sure if this counts, I only have read 1/2 of it so far.
13. Katherine - Seton, Anya - Very good historical novel if I can ever finish the thing, about 150 pages to go!


Tanja said...

Are you only 1/2 way through "one for the money" because you don't like it? The last 150 pages of Katherine are pure bliss. I love that book. And, it is true! I hope you enjoy the ride.

Bryce and Mandy said...

Hey, did I say you could post my book list on here? :) I look horrible compared to the three of you! I am very impressed with how many you have all read. Do you not sleep? :) One for the Money is okay, I do want to finish it but Lula lent me Katherine and I really wanted to read it so I just stopped in the middle of the other one (something I don't normally do but I really did want to read Katherine.)