Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Review or Not Review. That is the Question...

What is the answer??
YES, of course. Reviews are excellent! We loveeeee reviews. Reviews are the THING. Reviews are the sh*&^%t! (?)
That is one of the main purposes of the blog. To share our opinions, no matter the length. **giggle**
To experiment. Maybe try something new.
When you've finished a book, please jot down a few helpful notes about it here, on this site. Be sure to include the title and author. Maybe what drew you to that particular book, how you liked it...or not. If your review contains spoilers, be sure to say so at the beginning.
Some people also like to know about adult content, language, stuff like that. It's up to you if you include that in your review, but remember some of us can be pretty...tetchy.
So ladies, I expect in the next few weeks these pages to be loaded with lots of juicy reviews. (Meaning secretly I hope some of you are reading books with tons of S-E-X-Y details...
**a snarky giggle** Oh that WOULD make a good reading duel wouldn't it..
One more thing, be sure to rate it at the end. 3 stars, 4 stars, etc. Also, please be sure to post a review even if someone else already has on the same book! Everybody has a different perspective.

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