Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am the Messenger

I am the messenger is by Markus Zusak. After reading "The book thief", which I loved, I decided to try out one of his other stories and I have to say I was not disappointed.
What would you be willing to go through in order to help others? This is the basis of the book. An average person, living a sub par life is thrown into heroics when he starts receiving playing cards in his mailbox. Doing good does not always reward in the way you would think, sometimes is even creates a punishment for the do-gooder. This was a quick read and made me stop and think about the things that hold me back from changing my own life and those around me. This is classified as a young adult novel, but it definitely deals with adult issues.
Favorite quote from the book
"She smelled like sex, I only hoped I smelled like love."
I love the idea that love has a smell and it permeates those that we love.


Lula O said...

I used to think I'd read quit a few different books. I know longer think that. I seriously had never even heard of this guy until recently. I'm enjoying the Book Thief so far. This one sounds really good too, although it appears to be completely different. I like authors who step out of their comfort zones and try completely new themes and writing styles.

Amanda said...

I have yet to read Zusak's books, though I plan to read The Book Thief soon. I've heard he's really good.

Tanja said...

I am the same way lula. That is why I love goodreads and blogs such as these. I am always looking for another book and another author. I think Zusak is great and if you like character dev. I think you will definitely like him Amanda. The book theif is one of my top 5 books right now in my life.

Lula O said...

Really liking the Book Thief so far. I'm going to cry alot though, I can tell.