Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Writing Challenge -

A couple times a month we'll post a writing challenge. No one is required to participate, but it might be a fun way to explore your creativity and use your imagination!
Make a list about something.
Choose something ordinary and make a list of things about it or related to it. Do it off the top of your head, taking just 10 minutes or so.
Then read it. You will feel a rhythm to it after a few lines, and it will sound poetic. If you make a list about a kiss or love or flowers, you may have a sweet poem when you're done.
If you feel confident enough, share what you wrote in the comments. Do it more than once if you want to.


Lula O said...

A lightbulb -

globe of energy
giver of life
a shining star in darkness
nothing without the shape and turning of a woman's hand
the sun

a spooky story's worst adversary
a potty lighter
that which erases day and night
a candle's electric twin
a glass that contains fire
an insect's light at the end of the tunnel
a path to the death of daylight

Tanja said...

Throwing everything in sight
Nos abound
Giggling all the time
Sleeping angels
Complete love

Lula O said...

Good one Tanja.
Here's another.


pink and pruney
soft as peach fuzz
red and sunburned
dry as dirt
brown and leathery
stretched too thin
purple veins are its mountains
wrinkles are its valleys
white and translucent

Tanja said...

I liked the advancement of age through your thoughts. It is intersting to see that even when you are just trying to describe something you go in a logical order. Human beings like order of some sort don't we?