Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

by Sophie Kinsella
The third novel of the series finds Becky Bloomwood getting engaged to her boyfriend and the wedding planning begins. Her mother wants her to get married in England in their backyard which is fine with Becky until her soon to be mother-in-law starts planning a wedding on the same day for them in New York at the Plaza Hotel, sparing no expense. Of course this creates a slight problem.
This has been my favorite so far in the series. To be quite honest I hate shopping so I had trouble relating to Becky and her desire for designer handbags and shoes in the previous novels. But I can relate to planning a wedding so I found this one more entertaining. The main character has irritated me in the past but in this one she didn't bother me at all.
Again, like the others in the series, this book is just a fluff book that provides pure entertainment. No deep thinking involved which I find nice from time to time when I want to "get away from it all." :) I give it 4 stars.


Lula O said...

Does she have the same love interest in all the books so far then?
The guy in the movie looks pretty cute. I wonder if they're combining more than one of the books. I think you told me, but I can't remember...

Bryce and Mandy said...

Yes, she meets him in the first one and it continues throughout. And yes, the guy in the movie is very good looking. He just got engaged to Claire Danes (from Stardust).

I read that the first two books will be in the movie but I saw a commercial and it showed her roommate getting married and that happens in the third one. So... I'm not sure how many are included in it.