Friday, April 24, 2009

Any punctuation errors?

There’s a certain time of evening in summer as the sun dips under the horizon that the birds, disappear. Your ears are drawn to their flowery songs, the sound of the light breeze bending and concaving under their fluttering wings, and as you rest your chin on the ledge of your windowsill and lazily follow their puffed up, feathery heads bobbing up and down, scratching and sharpening their beaks on the knobby branches of nearby elm’s, they are there; then in a blink, gone; like a mirage, and you wonder if they were ever there at all.

Find any?

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Yep. Several involving commas, lack of commas, misuse of semi-colons, and a bad apostrophe. Some of that is subject to artistic license, but really, if the run on sentence was broken up, there would be no need for so much extraneous punctuation.