Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parenting by Proxy by Laura Schlessinger

Sometimes I like Dr. Laura, and sometimes I don't. I found that I like her books better then her radio show because she isn't condescending to individuals in her books. But, she does say it like it is, and I am almost in full agreement with her views on morality, how to raise children, etc.
I was feeling a little down on motherhood last week and wanted a pick-me-up/reaffirmation reinforcing that staying at home is the right thing for me. I am glad I did! Pretty much this is Dr. Laura lashing out at our current culture that putting work before children is completely acceptable and that day care centers are better then parents at raising children. She uses article after article and survey after survey conveying the message that old-fashioned time honored values are what's best for kids. This is NOT an indictment on all working moms, just working moms who purposely choose to put their careers ahead of their kids, and she explains why that is not in the best interest of our kids, but rather our own selfish desires to be recognized and meet our needs. (I needed to hear the last part, because lately I have been complaining about me not being able to be me, and this book made me realize that I was being selfish in my desires, and I really did need to hear that).
The book did get convuluted at times as she would just rant off article title one after the other, and so the writing style made it difficult to read at times. However, if you are someone struggling with being an at-home-mom, or trying to decide if that's what you should do, or just need a good kick in the pants like I did, I would recommend this book.
4 out of 5.

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Lula O said...

She does speak her mind rather well doesn't she. I can't stand her radio show and those silly people who call in, but her books do really well and you're not the first person I know to say they are good.
Encouragement is never a bad thing!