Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Challenge - "A lady I barely know just saw me practically naked."

Write about your most embarrassing/funny parenting moment....if you dare. Either post your own or paste it into the comments, and I'll post it, probably against your will or without your knowledge like I just did to poor Stephanie here. It was just so stinking good, I couldn't help myself.

A lady I barely know just saw me practically naked.

So, as you know, I was pretty stinky today, and badly in need of a shower. My kids were quietly watching TV, and I thought, "Now's my chance!" and off I scurried to the shower. Because nothing could possibly go wrong.

I was almost done, and I heard J screaming. This is normal around here. I yelled, "What's wrong?!?" repeatedly, but he finally stopped and I figured he and K were just beating the tar out of each other again. As usual.

I was drying myself when I heard an unfamiliar voice saying, "Stephanie?" I hastily wrapped my towel around myself and burst out of the bathroom. There was one of K's Kindergarten classmates and her mother. They had come by to deliver a birthday party invitation. When they knocked at the door, my children couldn't figure out where I was, naturally assumed I had utterly abandoned them, and began the screaming panic. This lady logically concluded that I was lying in a pool of my own blood (can't say I blame her) and talked K into opening the door.

Some days, I really hate this gig.


Tanja said...

If you have met my kids you know that I have many funny parenting moments. Here is one:

About 4 years ago we were at a family reunion for my husbands family. Grandparents were there, cousins, aunts, uncles, and my mother in law. Some of the activities included pioneer activities and testimony meetings. They are just a great group of people that pretty much never say or do the wrong thing. Just adding my one child at the time to the mix increases the activity level by 100%. My mother in law comes over to talk to my then 22 month old and ask her how she was doing. My mother in law is wearing a dress with a nice floral pattern on it and my daughter looks at her and says "grandma, I like your boobs." loud enough for everyone around to hear.
What do you say to that? My mother in law just looked at her and said "thanks. I appreciate that."

Lula O said...


Mine isn't nearly so entertaining, trust me, and is but a retelling of the Poop Chronicles by Nash Ogden. Seriously, the kid is an artist.

Speaking of those smarty-pants astronauts who just successfully repaired the Hubble Telescope - good going ladies and gents - the other day my son who is currently in the last phases of diaper wearing, after he spent about 20 minutes squatting on his potty with a grim, then extremely satisfied set to his pouty mouth said, with excitement as he looked down into the toilet seat and the great prize in contained within,

"Look mommy, it's a rocket ship with flames coming out of it!"

Definitely a future astronaut in the making...

My youngest son still loves to check out his...ah, expellables. He called them skeleton bones a few weeks ago, and today after yet another successful venture he drug me by the hand into the bathroom and while together we looked in the toilet, he said, after I was experiencing a moment of thoughtful silence, "Mom, you're supposed to say - good job honey!"

I, of course, responded in kind.
I guess a mother couldn't be prouder. Right? (Please say yes.)

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you two posted so that I know I am not alone in my parental embarrassment...but I still think my experience takes the cake. I'm pretty sure everyone involved in my tale of woe is scarred for life. Probably everyone that's read about it, too! :)