Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm afraid I've been Buffy-ized against my will....

Behold my hero and thy name is Buffy. I can't believe I've never watched this show until now, a true Buffy virgin. What was I doing in the late nineties besides giving birth, working and going to school...hmm, nothing important, so how did I not find the time to watch this glowing, bloody gem?? Ah, the witty dialogue, the kung-foo fighting in high-heels, the vampire smooching, what's not to like I say. Don't know how I survived this long, but I'm perplexed. I don't know which man hunk to worship. Just like Buffy, I like them all. But who's the best?

Ah, Spike. I'm afraid I like you the best, but that blond hair? If it was dark I'd probably be peeing my pants.

Angel - You don't show much emotion but you sure are hot! Although I hear your spin-off series wasn't so great. Thank goodness Cordelia went with you though. She drove me nuts!

Riley, Riley, Riley. You're cute, tall and and oh, so muscular. Sheesh..

Giles - Hold off on the serious poses. This pic made me laugh outright, but that accent! That singing voice! Be still my rapidly beating heart.

Zander - You're insane but have the best pouty lips ever!


hmsgofita said...

Oh, how I love Buffy...let me count the ways...! Awesome post. Xander and Giles are definitely my faves...but I love David Boreanaz, especially in Bones. And Spike is very yummy, love to hate and hate to love!

The first two seasons were pretty good of Angel, but after that it got pretty weird...But Cordelia did grow a heart!

Lula O said...

When I finish this one, the Angel series is next on my list. I've had a lot of fun watching these this summer, and I was so hesitant! What was I thinking??
Sheesh I must be old.