Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dead to the World and Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

Yes, that is Sookie riding piggy-back on Eric's back all black spaceshuttle-like, and yes his feet look like little white flames shooting out the bottom of his pants.

That's just one of the many positions the two of them take in this book.

(Sorry, I have the swine flu..)

First things first. Bill's in Peru.
(Feel free to celebrate here.)

Second, witches finally make a long over due appearance in this series, and they're mad at the local vampire sheriff, Eric. They've taken his memory and now he's on the run, shirtless....


Ah, sorry, ah, were was I, oh, he's on the run straight to Sookie's house, soon to be the house of love.

Woo. Woo.

An amnesic Eric is an irresistibly hot Eric. And Sookie isn't exactly known for resisting. Anybody. In grand Harris style expect an epic battle between witches, werewolves, and vampires in the last chapter. Sookie will be in danger and may or may not get beaten up. Again. Even so, I liked this one. It's my favorite in the series so far, for ah, obvious reasons, and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it!
4 stars

Dead as a Doornail? Hmm, it was okay, because everything after this last one would pale in comparison. Someone is using shape-shifters as target practice and it's up to Sookie to get to the bottom of it, before her own bottom is shot off that is. Her brother Jason is suspected in the shootings. What? Jason is a suspect? That hardly ever happens.

Want to know about the politics of werewolf land? A lot is thrown into the big pile of hairy debris here, and many new characters are introduced. Why do I like these books (I keep asking myself this over and over, and over)? Sookie's character just gets more interesting with each novel. Having grown up in a semi small town myself, I enjoy the small towny sort of feel of this series. So far, it hasn't taken itself too seriously, but we'll see what happens in the future. Until then, I'll enjoy my guilty pleasures. Albeit, a little guiltily.
3 stars

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Misty said...

Mmm, Eric...

Lula O said...

You know it girlie!

hmsgofita said...

I never could get into to True Blood, just too graphic in aspects! I know, I'm a prude!

Lula O said...

You're not a prude! I've only seen the first season, and you're right. It was really graphic. I had to forward past several scenes more than once. Lots o blood. The books aren't nearly as graphic, in fact the love scenes are almost cartoonish. You know cable - they think that stuff sells. The books are a lot different.