Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Ramshackle Knight

A classic regency romance. Boy meets girl, a dillema arises, and the final question is 'will they fall in love?'. I completely enjoyed this book. It may be the startling contrast to the other books I have been reading this month(books on serial killers, ghosts, soul snatching, maze running) and this was a sweet, witty, romance. You can't help but like the main characters, even for their faults, and you definitely hate the bad guy. He is evil from beginning to end. Most of all, I love the words the characters use like crush for a party and brain box for head. Insults were not quite the same, for instance, "what a bumblebroth" and "dandy" and "what a nuttlehead". Not really great insults, but fun to read. The story takes place in early 1800s London, upperclass individuals, and a poor girl brought into it all.
This is a perfect book to read:
if you are sick, which I am
if it is crappy weather, which it is here.
if you need a quick escape from real life, which I always do.
or really anytime at all.

Lula I am interested in what you think of her writing. I know you have read many regency romance novels and I wonder how she compares in your opinion. For me I look forward to reading more.


Lula O said...

Oooo, I'm totally going to read this one. I've never heard of her, but I looked on goodreads and I don't know - how can you go wrong with a name like Crispin?? She seems a bit like Heyer a total favorite of mine. Hey we should have a romance themed month. Only read those for January to keep the home fires burning after Christmas??

Sorry you're sick. I totally know how you feel.

Tanja said...

sounds good. I forgot to put her name on here for those of you interested. The author is Sarah M Eden.

Bingo said...

Can someone ask Lula to go to BOOKIN' WITH BINGO where she won TRUE COMPASS and I have not heard from her after two emails ...late but she can still claim her prize if I get back an address quickly..thanks!