Monday, February 1, 2010

What are you reading Mondays....and good riddance January!

I haven't done this in a while, but January is f-i-n-a-l-l-y over and I read a lot this month - take that you sunless, gloomy, depressing sky. I've read some fun books recently to release me from my doldrums. Check out J Kaye's book blog to see what other's are reading too!

I just finished -
The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Chocolat by Joanne Harris

All these took my mind off my extremely white skin!

And I'm just finishing up this week -

Rough Stone Rolling - A Cultural Biography of Mormonism's Founder Joseph Smith by Richard Lyman Bushman
This book is over 500 non-footnote pages of deep, dense material on the early Mormon church and its first prophet. Very interesting that's for sure.

Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler
Short and sweet. I really love the cover of this one.

And Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
I finally got this one from the library. Whew! Collins has a way of hooking her reader from the beginning. I hear there's a cliffhanger at the end though. Drat...

So good bye January. I will not miss you even though reading brought me through the solitude of your gray skies.

Happy February 1st!
Fun things to do this month:

Light candles all over your home on Candlemas Day, Feb. 2.

Watch the movie Groundhog Day on Feb. 2 as well!

Invite your friends over for a Valentine's day tea party.

Read as much Georgette Heyer as you can.

Make a batch of fudge or heart-shaped suckers.

Rent Out of Africa and watch it while eating the fudge.

Wear read lipstick at least once - out in public even!

What are you going to read to ring in February?


Lori @ Msslaydbug said...

Love your blog post today !! Glad Feb is finally here as well. Enjoy your month and your reading !!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I want to read Lightening Thief! Looks like you had a great reading week! Enjoy this week as well :)

Lula O said...

Thanks Lori and Sheila! Good luck with yours as well.

Anonymous said...

Despite the rain - I love February as well! I'll be celebrating my b-day this month so I will be indulging myself and now I have a few more ideas on how to do so :)

Tanja said...

I hate January. My birthday is even in January and I still hate the month.
Right now I plan on reading:
the Poison Study Series-I already read the first one and enjoyed it.

Mistborn trilogy-total fantasy

The Scarlet Pimpernel-loved the movie and so far loving the book.

I am looking forward to March. Many great books are being released in March.

Tanja said...

what is your favorite Georgette Heyer book? I want to buy one but I don't know which one to get.

Stephanie said...

I am finishing Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling as well. It makes me want to read that biography of Emma Smith that has been collectng dust for so long, but can I handle so much non-fiction all at once?

I've just started The Eyre Affair. If I like that, I'll have to tackle the others in the series as well!

Lula O said...

Great reads everyone. Tanja - what is coming out in March?
I like Black Sheep but you've read that one. Devil's Cub is also really good. These Old Shades its prequel is pretty good too.

Liked The Eyre Affair Good fun!

StephanieD - my family has two birthdays in feb. Our house is decorated the whole month!

Tanja said...

Lula-There are a few books I have been waiting for:
Another Sarah Addison Allen book. I liked her other two so I look forward to her next.
Courting Miss Lancaster by Sarah Eden (Maybe now you can actually read one of her books.)

The fourth in the Queen's thief series by Meghan Whalen Turner. This is a fantastic series. She has created wonderful characters and this whole new world of Gods.

Now if only Patrick Rothfuss would surprise me and say his second book was coming out it would pretty much make my day. If you like fantasy I loved his first book The Name of Wind.