Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lula you are always doing all the work on the blog. For that I say thanks and so I am feeling inclined to post so you don't feel like your the only one.
This is for all you fantasy lovers out there. Warbreaker is a story of people who return from death and become "gods". Living breath that can "awaken" people or objects and command them to serve the awakener. Colors that hold power of their own and the country that 1/2 loves and worships colors versus the other 1/2 that loathes color and thinks it to be abominable.
Sanderson is a fantastic writer. He weaves very complicated plots and complicated characters.
I like this world and the story. Political intrigue and religious debate abounds in this book. And your always wondering who is good and who is bad. What religion is right? What makes a "god"
In the midst of all this wondering you will find yourself laughing.
This is a full blown fantasy, even has a little scifi feel to it. I will say that I liked Sanderson's Elantris better. It felt like it was edited better and cleaner. There were aspects of Warbreaker that just didn't seem to make sense, like the whole color thing. So if you are a casual reader of fantasy I would say to read Elantris first. They are long, complicated stories, but they always keep me on edge.
I gave it 4 stars on goodreads for whatever that means to you.


Lula O said...

This one sounds interesting! I like complicated characters, and will try Elantris. I'm always willing to try a good fantasy. As long as it's not psycho fantasy. Unless it's hot psycho fantasy. That'd be different...

Thanks for posting Tanja!

Tanja said...

It is not psycho fantasy. He is really good. I read an interview with Patrick Rothfuss(who is a great writer) and another fantasy author and they were lamenting how good Sanderson is at writing. I would recommend Patrick Rothfuss for a good fantasy read, except the second book is not out yet and I have been waiting for three years to read it. So wait until the next comes out.

Hamilcar Barca said...

Brandon Sanderson did a brilliant job finishing The Gathering Storm in Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time series after RJ passed away. i've been meaning to pick up one of his own books, just to see him in his "own element".

great review!