Sunday, January 11, 2009

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Want to see something cool? Turn your head upside down, or turn your laptop upside down, and read the Angels & Demons picture on the left. Pretty cool huh? This is how this book is, full of surprises that are right in front of you.
This novel is the prequel adventure of the Da Vinci Code symbologist, Robert Langdon. It is another fast-paced adventure beginning with a murder that Robert Langdon is called in on to help solve. It ends up leading him on a trail of clues on a race against time.
I really enjoyed this novel. It was a little intimidating at 700 pages but it was an incredibly quick read. It is the type of book you don't want to put down (hence why I had many late nights this past week). I love mysteries and this was a pretty good one.
It does have some pretty gruesome deaths, a few adult situations (you can tell this book is written by a man) and a spattering of language. It wasn't too bad though, I still recommend it.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


Lula O said...

You mean there's some hot sex?? Where do I sign up?
I'm excited for the movie to come out in May. I hope it's better than the Da Vinci Code was on screen.

Bryce and Mandy said...

There aren't details of love scenes just some implied stuff. Don't get your hopes up too high. :)

Lula O said...

I hear they use words like "stiffen". I can't wait..;o)

Danielle and Jason said...

I thought Angels & Demons was the best of the Dan Brown books (having read them all). Certainly, it doesn't throw a super positive light on the catholic church, however. I agree that I hope the movie is better than DaVinci code. My husband and I decided DaVinci code just wasn't meant to be a movie, even with a star-studded cast. Are they bringing Tom Hanks back to play Robert Langdon again? I think that might be a mistake...

Bryce and Mandy said...

Yes, Tom Hanks is playing Langdon again.

What did you think of Deception Point? I am considering reading that one.

Amanda said...

I read this book in 2001 and really didn't like it, so I never picked up any of his other books. I guess I read mostly for character and theme and such, rather than plot, so it makes sense I didn't like this one.

Heidi said...

I read this book several years ago - I think in 2001/2002? I read DaVinci Code first, then this one.
Both very good books. I have both of them if you would like to borrow one.
BTW - I did not see DaVinci Code in theaters - didn't want it to be ruined. I think I will pass on this one as well... Some stories are just better as books.

Lula O said...

Hi Heidi. I agree, stories are much better than their movie counterparts.
You want to post any reviews? Email and I'll make you an author.