Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday Night Knitting Club

I have looked at this book over and over unsure if it would engross me or just bore me. After a suggestion from my beloved sister in law I decided to dive in and I am glad I did.
Kate Jacobs is a very honest writer. Now what the heck does that mean? I suppose to be honest means, for me, that she does not try to play the reader in any way. There are no thinking this character has ulterior motives because she allows you to see what each person is really feeling, thinking, and going through in their own space.
It is really a book about women doing great things. It is a challenge to do something "brave" in our own lives. And at the end, I wiped away tears, a little sad it had to come to an end.
I did not agree with all the points she makes about women, but a great book to digest and discuss with your best pals. It made me want to start a knitting club without all the knitting.
Warning: There are about 15 "F" words in the book so if you are a little sensitive to the book you can borrow mine, I whited them all out.


Lula O said...

I'm really exicted to read this one in March. Are they a collection of women that come together as friends? Old, young? I love books about women that encompass our many sorts and shapes and deal with their problems from different perspectives.

will and tiff said...

i am excited to read yes please, i would love to read your "clean flix" version. :> love that you whited them out. that's why you are my favorite.

Lula O said...

Hey Malad woman! I thought we were 'sick city' sisters??