Sunday, January 11, 2009


By Christopher Paolini
Wow, at almost 800 pages, it took me so loooong to finish this book. Christopher takes his saga VERY seriously. Did I mention seriously? Let me say it again just in case, VERY seriously. A little too serious for my own particular taste, but I'm of the type that found the pronunciation guide on the back pages unhelpful in that, I don't plan on actually speaking the Elvish language outside of the book. And the Acknowledgments...we'll, let's just say the kid has self-esteem to spare. He likes this story, as well he should.

With that being said, Brisingr was...okay. As is typical with any series of books, the first one is generally best with each successive book becoming less original and more of a stretch. For me, I felt this the case here. There are alot of similarities with past works, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc., but he is hardly the first author to borrow ideas and expand them. He's done a pretty good job of creating his own unique world with, at times, yawn-filled, intricate detail.

Brisingr picks up only a few days after Eldest has ended with the rescue of Eragon's cousin Roran's intended Katrina from the clutches of the birds-gone-bad, the Ra'zac. In a nutshell, a blooding fight ensues and continues throughout to the end of the book. There's ALOT of men fighting in this one, a hidden pregnancy (woo), more fighting, some one-on-one time with the beautiful elf Arya (ah, but you'll have to read to see what happens, sigh...), some yoda-like moments, a head or two lobbed off, more fighting, and finally, a cleverly named sword.

In truth, I was mildly entertained just enough to finish it. While the series has become a tad over-masculine for my taste, I will probably read the fourth book when it comes out, if it comes out within a decade that is. I'm hoping he can spare us some ibuprofen and keep it to under 500 pages. If wishes were fishes...
Also, I'm curious if any other women liked it. 3 Stars


Tanja said...

I felt the same way about the book. It finally got good at the end and then it was over. I wish he had not gone into so much detail about different characters, but he loves his story and I look forward to the end of the series. Hopefully this was just a set up book.

Lula O said...

Yes, it was too long and I'm secretly hoping there's less fighting in the final chapter, but really I believe it's a fool's hope. That's mainly what the series has been about...fighting. Eragon fighting against everything, even for the love of a woman, which Paolini barely touched in this one. Seriously, I'd bet a million the guy doesn't have a girlfriend. If he did, we'd see a little more love inbetween the pages.

The Bradfords said...

My 14 year-old son is reading this now. He specifically asked for it for Christmas and so far he gives it a thumbs up. He really enjoyed Eragon and Eldest. I read Eragon and that was enough for me. Just not my cup of tea.

Seriously, Lula, you don't think Paolini has a girlfriend? What was your tip-off, the photo in the back? I know it's rude but the guy has to be a first-class nerd, and yet I do admire him for what he has accomplished with these books. I'm sure/hope there is someone out there for him.

Lula O said...

Yes, he does look a bit dorky, doesn't he. But hey, artistic people usually are odd.

It's definitely a boy's book. Lots of blood and guts, and I saw the pic of Jack's dead Santa, so I'm not surprised he likes it...What are you letting that boy watch? I hope not CSI. That's such a baaaad show.