Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - by JK Rowling

Life at Hogwarts continues in this adventure-filled sequel. After a mind-numbingly boring summer spent with the hideous Dursley's, a warning from one weird-looking elf, and a short stint of joy at the Burrow, Harry is on his way back to Hogwarts. But as always, that's where his real trouble begins.

Truth be told this one is probably my least favorite of the seven. It was a little slow for me in the beginning, finally took root about half way, then finished with a bang by the end. I did have fun reviewing all the clever and witty details, and am looking forward to catching up on the next books. What a great escape they are. Care to test your knowledge of these soon to be classics?
Are you but a fair weather lover of all things Potter, or a seasoned traveler through these books? I'm somewhere in the middle. Either way, I enjoyed the trip back.

1. On the first page, how many times that week had Hedwig’s screeching bothered Mr. Vernon Dursley?

2. What did Harry miss most especially about Hogwarts?

3. Name Mr. Dursley’s potential drill clients.

4. Harry’s dinner for the night they were coming was?

5. What color are Dobby’s eyes?

6. Mrs. Mason was mortally afraid of what?

7. What was the color and make of the enchanted car?

8. What was the name of the Weasley’s owl?

9. The gnomes in the Weasley’s garden, what vegetable did they look like?

10. What’s the name of Ron’s favorite Quidditch team?

11. Who was Bill Weasley working for in Egypt?

12. What present did Draco Malfoy want his father to buy him in Borgin and Burkes?

13. Instead of Diagon Alley, where did Harry turn up?

14. What did Professor McGonagall suggest Harry and Ron should’ve done instead of stealing the car?

15. What award did Professor Lockhart win five times in a row?

16. What was the name of the new gifted brooms the Slytherin’s received to play Quidditch?

17. Ron’s detention was cleaning what and for whom?

For a different set of questions see here. 3 stars


Amanda said...

This is my 2nd-to-least favorite, too Lula, with only #4 worse. I think the beginning is just too much like the first book. Thanks for providing the double quiz! It's doing well to wake me up this morning. :)

1) 3
2) his friends
3) the Masons
4) a skimpy portion of bread and cheese, I think
5) green
6) birds of all shapes and sizes
7) blue? Ford Anglia (sp)
8) Errol
9) potatoes
10) Chudley Cannons
11) Gringotts
12) the Hand of Glory
13) Nocturne Alley
14) send an owl
15) Witch Weekly's most charming smile award (or something to that affect)
16) Nimbus 2001s
17) Ooh, I'm trying to remember which detention was in here. I believe he was polishing the trophies in the trophy room without magic for Mr. Filch, right?

It's been nearly a year since I read all these books last. Pretty soon I'm supposed to read outloud #5 to my oldest son for the first time. I'll probably need to read 1-4 first before I do so. :)

Lula O said...

Seriously, I can't believe you got the make of car! It was turquoise though (insert evil laugh here).

And yes, we should all wake up to HP whenever we can.

Amanda said...

Okay I admit the only reason I probably knew the make of the car is because of the monologue Mr. Dursley goes on in book 5. The last thing he shouts is "and that flying ford anglia" in his list of things he hates before telling Harry to get out of the house. I remember that more clearly than anything from book 2.

Turquoise is a kind of blue!! ;)

Amanda said...

I gave my son this quiz, and he got 9.5 right, 7.5 wrong.

He did have the best answer for #7. I will now forever think of Fred and George flying a blue Hummer. My husband says if it had been a Hummer, the Whomping Willow would have lost.

Lula O said...

A hummer would've been the coolest! Stinker Whomping Willow, who needs it?