Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A thousand apologies...

I beg your humble pardon Miss Suzette for forgetting your birth day, August 31st right?

Let's celebrate late by looking back on this date in history:
- Trinidad and Tobago became independent
- The first news radio broadcast was on this date
In 1967 -
- Gas was 33 cents a gallon (holy @#@$@)
- Minimum wage was $1.40
- Average house price was $3,840
- A new car was $2,750
- Popular tv shows were The Fugitive and The
- Pinky Tuscadero's biggest fan was born

What a year! Happy Birthday girlie!


hamilcar barca said...

the average house price in 1967 was less than $4,000? i don't think so. and i believe you've misspelled "The Monkees". which was a stupid show, i might add.

Lula O said...

Hey! I copied that off a website, and I spelled Tuscadero right! Maybe I dropped a zero off the house price, that does seem a little low, maybe it was houses in Kentucky or better yet Idaho.

Remember, we are extremely old, you obvious Monkees fan. ;p

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Suzette! Did you have an extra special day?

The Bradfords said...

Thanks for telling everyone just how old I am! Sheesh, woman. Actually, I don't care. After age 16, birthdays don't matter much. But they are better than the alternative.

I thought The Monkees was a hysterical show. Sort of a pre-cursor to music videos. Good old Davey Jones--who can forget him singing to Marsha Brady? Girl...look what you've done to me...

Mandy said...

I love the Monkees (both the tv show and the music, although that show is pretty odd)! Davy Jones is oh so dreamy. Good stuff. Hope you had a good birthday!