Monday, December 7, 2009

A Vampire Reunion

Too funny Stephanie!

For all you vampire lovers, see here.
And, speaking of vampires, where's my review of the recently seen----
New Moon - The Twilight Saga?
It doesn't exist because I want to keep my friends.
(Whom I had a most excellent time with by the way.)

I only have my evil man twin's review -
Bella was hot! And boy can she act!
(In The Panic Room)
The end.


The Bradfords said...

A few things:
#1--very funny!
#2--I guess I should see The Panic Room because I think Kristen Stewart is a pretty pathetic actress.
#3--The Edward in the clip is cuter than that Pattinson guy.
#4--I LOVE The Count from Sesame Street. He makes me happy.
#5--I'm really hungry for some Count Chocula now.

Stephanie said...

I agree with everything Suzette just said!

Mandy said...

Very funny! Got a great laugh out of this.

P.S. I agree with Suzette too.

vvb32 reads said...

ha! i count chocula is my fave childhood cereal. i craved it when pregnant.

Lula O said...

I wish it was available all year long! Now if only I could eat carbs...sigh..