Monday, December 7, 2009

Masterpiece Classic Begins Again December 20th!

It looks to be a great new season on Masterpiece Classic this coming year, starting with something to make that long Christmas break go by a little faster! An encore presentation of Cranford starting December 20th! I loved this movie when they aired it the first time, and am really looking forward to being involved in the lives of these crazy ladies again.

This year I want to read the books again as well, starting with this blurry covered one. Along with the yellowing pages and mysteriously stained lines, hopefully the writing with be legible at least. I'm a sucker for a good yarn.

Set your timers and tape this one, those of you who still own a V-C-R that is, because it's excellent!


Stephanie said...

I love this movie, too! I will probably miss the broadcast, however, since my husband would rather gouge his eyes out than watch this. Perhaps it is time for a second TV...

The Bradfords said...

Hey I have a VCR!! I will tape this and watch it--I love English actors and actresses for some reason. And I love the fact that so many of them end up in the Harry Potter movies and/or Jane Austen movies and such period pieces.