Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Update - Clash of the Titti-ans

Finally saw this movie...okay, okay, I saw it in the first weekend..dork, dork, dork! We heard 3D was done after filming and added in post production so we skipped the 5 dollar charge (5 dollars more!!! What the cuss!) and saw it in plain ole 2D. Maybe we should've seen it in 1D. Is that cheaper I wonder? Or better yet 0D. Because that would mean we wouldn't have seen it at all. Pretty disappointing, although funnier than I expected. wasn't supposed to funny. Duh!

They almost completely changed the story and added another female character, whom I sort of liked, but what?? And Perseus is practically bald - hair shaved completely off. And he's the only male character to have hair this way. What, he refused to at least wear a wig? He looked totally out of place. The Pegasus is black. Black for crying out loud. I guess that's better than red, orange..

The special effects are of course better, but a bit jarring sometimes. In 3D I probably would've been sick to my stomach and running to the bathroom and not because I had to pee. Although I had to do that too. Not that I would've missed anything..

Watch the preview instead. It's better.


Aimee said...

Agreed. that movie sucked the big one. I much prefer the original.

Anonymous said...

I saw it opening weekend too and I thought it was the best mediocre movie I've ever seen!

Throughout the movie, I wasn't so much obsessed with Perseus's hair or lack thereof, but Hades's - What was that thing on his forehead and couldn't he use some Selsun Blue? Eewww.

Stephanie said...

Maybe we should wait for it to come to the dollar theater, then watch it in a big group, mocking it mercilessly. Followed by something yummy. Or just do the something yummy. Who's with me?

Lula O said...

Perfect! The best mediocre ever I've seen as well! It would probably be better in a big group. But talking a big group into going to see it? That might take some work..with chocolate though..hmm..maybee.

I forget about that Hades thing. What was up with his hair?