Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

I'm not sure why I liked this book. Maybe it was the half naked man on the cover. Maybe it was the religious foreshadowing, the looming Gothic art and the mysterious passageways into long lost secrets, that moved my brain to crave it like a big bowl of the banana cream cake I just had after dinner.

I became slightly involved with this book. It haunted me a little. It haunts me still, and that surprises me, because there is very little romance, very few people die (but when they do die, they die spectacularly), the praise on the back cover catalogs words like: alluring, delicious, gorgeous, beguiling and holy, and I usually try to avoid books with so high of appearance adjective praise...they frighten me into disliking them.

So what was it then? The atmosphere. I became quite lost in this world she's created. A world that's deeply religious, mythological, and historical at the same time. A world where angels and humans are at war with each other. A world where if you really want to know what happens read Misfit Salon's excellent review of this book here. The plot is complicated and diverse, very descriptive and bordering on verbose, but still, I liked it.

But who knows, maybe it really was the naked man on the cover.
And now I really must get back to more cake...
4 stars.


Anonymous said...

It was the half-naked man on the cover - most definitely:) I didn't want to leave Trussoni's world either. The part that haunted me the most was Bulgaria - I would have been one of those that had gone crazy out of my mind, much good that I would have done mankind. Reminder: don't take me on an expedition on which depends the balance of good and evil.

Thanks for linking to my review!

Tanja said...

You sold me on the book. I like dark and haunting. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am sure some psychologist would have something to say about that. Thanks for the review.

Tanja said...

Just checked B&N and it is 20 dollars a book. Just checked my library, which doesn't have a great selection, and it isn't there. I need a job to pay for books.

Nina said...

I'm glad that when the people die in the book, they die spectacularly. That's always a good thing! And yes that cover is very..mmmm...GOOD!

Now I want cake too.

Lula O said...

Those travel scenes were really interesting. Such great description. Bummer Tanja about the library thing. I feel your pain. And yes cake - an pie - are always good a-n-y-t-i-m-e of the day in my book!
thanks for stopping by ladies!